Jon Rahm’s Fiancee Kelley Cahill Shows Off Arm For NFL Draft Scouts

Kyler Murray isn’t throwing on Combine weekend in Indianapolis, so leave it to Jon Rahm’s fiancee, Kelley Cahill, to steal the spotlight by showing off her rocket arm throwing routes to Rahm at TCU’s indoor practice facility. This is how you do content on Combine weekend if you’re not golfing in some tournament. You know who could take a lesson here? NASCAR drivers. Not one that I know of was running routes for his girlfriend, fiancee or wife this weekend before racing in Vegas.

Kelley, who killed off her first Instagram account for some reason, is now locked down with a private, Tour-only account. Hate to see that when she’s out here throwing deep post passes. Looks like the next time you’ll be seeing Rahm playing golf will be next weekend at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando. His cardio should be top notch after this workout chasing down Cahill’s balls.