Tom Brady Consoles His (Alleged) BJ-Getting Billionaire Owner After Bust, Gisele Carries Her Own Bags

Lost in the news Monday that Robert Kraft was named in police reports detailing the alleged blowjobs & rub & tugs at the Orchids of Asia spa before the AFC title game was that Tom Brady & Gisele jumped on Bob’s Gulfstream from L.A. to Boston where Tommy was photographed hugging it out with his part-time Florida Man billionaire owner who might be flying to Jupiter, Florida to answer for his jizz blasting ways at the Orchid.

The NY Post has more details from the tarmac, including the news that Gisele carried her own bags while Tommy made sure Bob was OK.

Kraft — who is facing prostitution chargesfor visiting a Florida massage parlor — was able to put his new status as a national disgrace aside for a moment when he flashed a smile as someone showed him a framed copy of a newspaper that had a Super Bowl-related headline on it.

The two were seen enjoying a full-on brofest — even as Brady’s supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, was seen lugging her own stuff off the plane, seemingly ignored.

Brady looked to be in as good spirits as his boss, smiling as he loaded luggage and golf clubs into a vehicle in what appeared to be a light snow.

Kraft is one of 25 men who were named in the Jupiter prostitution sex sting. Meanwhile, the Orchids is now a tourist stop for the northeast snowbirds who want Facebook content to show friends they stopped by the place Kraft got tugged off before the AFC title game. That’s just how the content game works these days. You either get those likes or you die trying.

Robert Kraft Prostitution Sting Police Report
Robert Kraft Prostitution Sting Police Report
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