Robert Kraft Prostitution Sting Police Report

We now have the details from the Robert Kraft prostitution ring rub & tug case and it sounds like that in at least one of Kraft’s visits — on the day of the AFC title game in Kansas City — ended via oral at the Orchids of Asia day spa at like 11:13 a.m. The Patriots and Chiefs played that night at 6:40 ET. That’s right, according to police, Kraft left a tight window to get on his private jet and get to K.C. to see his team win and go to the Super Bowl.

The police also allege that Kraft was in the Orchids of Asia spa the night before the AFC title game, leaving the business at about 3:25 p.m. after getting a double-team rub and tug. I’m telling you right now, I’m exhausted thinking about Bob getting this much action in that amount of time. Guy needed some serious relief before that huge game in Kansas City.

Police say they were monitoring the rub & tug room with video surveillance so it seems that any claim by Kraft’s team that he’s all innocent won’t hold up in a rub & tug court of law. Maybe there’s some sort of crazy rub & tug defense that I don’t know about, but it would seem to me that if cops were literally sitting there watching Kraft get blown, then he was getting blown by Lei Wang.

Like I’ve said all along, my only real beef here is that Bob trusted a shady strip mall rub & tug joint. Maybe it was one of those situations where his main girl was out of town and he needed to make an emergency trip to Orchids. The cops had been monitoring the place for a long time so perhaps this 24-hour period just happened to be a timeframe where Bob’s normal tugger was busy. Who knows at this point.

All we know for sure is that cops have officially named him in court documents and we have the 16-page full report on the activities that were going down at the Orchids.

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Best Of Robert Kraft Memes & Photoshops
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