Best Of Robert Kraft Memes & Photoshops

Robert Kraft getting caught up in an Asian massage parlor prostitution ring is the story that’s going to keep giving us content for a long, long time. We’re one weekend in and we already have great Robert Kraft memes and photoshops to get us to the eventual police mugshot that will lead to even more memes and mugshots. According to the Palm Beach Post, official charges could be filed today in Jupiter, Florida.

Police Chief Daniel Kerr said Kraft faces two counts of soliciting a prostitute, because he is alleged to have gone to Orchids of Asia twice, but would not elaborate on the specifics of the allegations against Kraft.

However, a 16-page police report filed in the arrests of the spa’s owner, Hua Zhang, and its manager, Lei Wang, detail 26 recorded instances of men paying women in the spa to perform sex acts on them.

A spokesperson for Kraft categorically denied “that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity.” The National Football League released a statement saying it was aware of the incident. NFL owners “have traditional been held to a higher standard and will be subject to more significant discipline” when violations to its personal-conduct policy occur.

Remember, we were told that there seems to be a video of Robert doing business in that massage parlor room. You have to figure TMZ spent the weekend working out financial details to get their hands on that video. It’ll get out eventually.

23 NSFWBDs React To Robert Kraft Arrest Warrant News
23 NSFWBDs React To Robert Kraft Arrest Warrant News
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