Paulina Gretzky Pumps Out New Content

I told you Paulina Gretzky would turn 30 and crank it up a notch. One thing leads to another and here we are in late February and the GOAT is back to pumping out that content that got her the GOAT label like 5-6 years ago. Just this weekend, as baby daddy Dustin Johnson was winning the WGC, Paulina posted a couple of new shots from what we’ll go ahead and call the Paulina Post-20s Collection.

This is where Paulina goes into the glamour side, proving to all the 22 year olds that she still has the fastball and is way more classy than they’ll ever be. I don’t have a psychology degree, but I saw this coming from a mile away. Her and Dustin have the kids situation handled. There’s already been a possible side piece situation. This relationship has gone through pretty much all of the phases and yet here we are with DJ and Paulina still on top of their games, both the best in the world at what they do.

My question now is where does Paulina go with things from here because I don’t get the feeling she’s going to want to sit around doing glamour IG shots for no reason. It’s time to do something deeper. Acting? You might remember that she last had a small part in Grown Ups 2 as a bikini girl. Has to be a bigger role than that out there. These new IGs are clearly sending a signal that Paulina’s looking to have a big 2019.

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NASCAR Truck To Feature Trump Building A Wall On Paint Job
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