Lauren Giraldo Gets The Day Rolling, ARod Films JLo Pole Dancing & AB Makes It Official

Kentucky at Missouri; Vandy at Tennessee….it’s going to be one of those nights. Just get locked in for college basketball and get those bets in. The NBA is still on break so it’s your chance to get a little March Madness in your blood. Or you can watch the NHL like last night. And TNT has a soccer match at 3 ET.

β€’ Let’s get rolling with Lauren Giraldo

β€’ ARod shoots video of JLo pole dancing

β€’ 23-yr-old Missouri teacher is in some trouble for messing around with her student

β€’ Kirk Cousins figured out a way to piss off Vikings fansΒ 

β€’ Guess how much nacho cheese Ohio Stadium went through in a season

β€’ AB & Rooney: It’s time to move on

β€’ Florida Man says he’s an ‘agent of God’ carries around a rattlesnake

β€’ Here’s Monster Energy Girl Brooke Ashlynn

Those Natty Daddies Will Catch Up To You Video of the Week

Onion Rings Of The Day

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