Brooke Ashlynn Was The Monster Energy Girl Behind Denny Hamlin & She’s Not A Robot

I know you guys have been at the water cooler today asking your buddy at work if he’s figured out who that Monster Energy Girl was behind Denny Hamlin in Victory Lane. Well, Uncle BC is here with an i-Team exclusive: that’s Brooke Ashlynn on Instagram. Trust me, I had to do a little investigating, but that’s what I get paid to do so it’s my honor to introduce you to the Monster Energy Girl who was bullied on Twitter for doing her job and that job is to stand behind Denny during his interview and smile.

Some of you think she’s some sort of AI robot that Monster created to smile. Not true! Brooke is real, she was Miss Malibu USA 2016 and went to Pepperdine. She’s also a model and has a family so stop being bullies to someone who is just trying to earn a living and rise up the Monster Energy Girl ranks. I don’t know what the top level of Monster Energy Girls is, but you don’t get to be the face of the brand behind Denny if you’re not part of the A-Team.

There was some really ugly bullying going on by a segment of society that’s usually all anti-bullying. It was disgusting. Show the woman some respect!

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