Jessica Alba Baking Cookies, Iverson’s House Finally Sold Off By Bank & SportsCenter Anchor Seems Confused

Looks like another night of college basketball and that’s about all you’re getting after a semi-big weekend of NBA and NASCAR. Virginia is at Virginia Tech…if you like defense. You’ll also get Illinois at Wisconsin. And TCU at Oklahoma State. And Kansas State at West Virginia. It’s tough to see the Mountaineers at 10-15 because this is the kind of game that would normally be fun on a Monday in mid-February. Or a doubleheader of NHL on NBCSN.

• Jessica Alba is back & baking cookies for you losers

• This Kentucky teacher was arrested for drinking & sleeping with student

• More bad news for To Catch A Predator’s Chris Hansen…sounds like this guy is broke

• Allen Iverson’s foreclosed Georgia home finally sold off

• This SportsCenter anchor seemed a little confused by the David Ortiz caddie story

• Florida Man inmates save a baby

• Local TV anchor loses it over story about guy saying he was going to blow up a Home Depot bathroom with a massive deuce

• Here’s Sarina from Bryant University

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