Bros Fight At U.K. Horse Track Like A Bunch Of Philly Fans

UK fans fight at a racetrack while horse racing goes on

via YouTube

When was the last time you saw a brawl at a horse track? 2018 when this brutal brawl went down at a Sussex race track? Same for me. A different crew of bros dropped the gloves Saturday at Haydock Park outside Liverpool and brawled it out along the fence where men in suits were just trying to get lit and win a few bucks.

Guess it turns out a few of them got a little too lit and now we have footage of fists flying at the track. Authorities reportedly took down a 26-year-old bro for starting this madness.

From Sky News:

Oliver Hodgson, who witnessed the fighting, described it as being like “something out of a horror scene”.

He said: “There were families and kids there, they were bumping into prams and… there’s a mum and child being rushed off by security.” Mr Hodgson said he did not know how the fighting started.

“I just think it was a drunken mess, to be honest, but I have to clarify this was a minority and this is not how everyone behaves at racing,” he said.

One thing leads to another and you’ve slammed 12 Trulys and it’s on. This stuff happens. I’m telling you, six Trulys is the limit. You can’t be drinking a 12-pack or you’ll be starting fights at horse races.

Haydock Park is 24 miles NE of downtown Liverpool: