English Bros Brawl It Out At Horse Track & It's The Real Deal, Not Some NBA Fight

I’m not sure what it is with the bros and horse racing that brings out the fight in them, but this weekend at the Goodwood Race in Sussex, England things got so out of control that the fight videos from race day are being passed around the world due to how vicious the whole thing was.
I’ve seen college football fight videos and some NFL fan fight action. I’ve also seen some wild Kentucky Derby fights, but I’ve never seen anything like the videos out of Goodwood. Looks like all the old soccer thugs raised their kids to like getting smashed at horse races.
From The Sun:

One thug is even seeing taking a run-up before booting another man in the head as he lies unconscious on the ground.
Six men were left needing medical treatment after the fight at Goodwood Racecourse in Chichester, West Sussex, on Saturday afternoon.
Eyewitness Kevin Hill Tweeted: “The problem is racing starts around 2ish, these teams of guys are entering the racecourse well oiled…
“Some guy pushing in at the bar, absolutely sloshed, being abusive, to be fair the bar man refused to serve him, warned him of ejection.”
Another Twitter user added: “Come racing, say racecourses. Wear suit & tie. Booze all day long. We’ll not stop you.
“Warning, this video contains violent scenes. Type seen at football matches in the 70’s. Now at a racecourse near you.”
A third said: “That was sickening to watch. It’s not over exaggerating to say we almost witnessed someone dying there.”

It’s such a shame that their nice suits got ruined, but I assume their fathers will make things all good. There’s a difference between fights and fights at sporting events. This level of fighting where a guy’s head is punted like a free kick at a soccer game is off the charts horrible. See down the page. The normal punch video right here is amusing. Bunch of rich asssholes punching each other is no biggie. Beat each other up, you idiots.

There’s also this fight footage. Viewer discretion advised. Trust me, it’s horrible:

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