Jordan Poyer’s Side Piece Summer Rae & Wife Rachel Bush IG Beef IS ON

Welp, we have ourselves a serious war between the IG legend Rachel Bush & her husband’s side piece Summer Rae and it has turned into an IG Story beef where Summer is starting to post text receipts. Folks, this is one of those beefs where it’s not going to be a single day beef and then both sides move on. We’re talking about Jordan Poyer’s summer slam piece beefing with Rachel Bush. This is Grade A Beef beefing we have right here.

You hate to see it, but the fans out there — specifically¬†@SAMOONEY2¬†— demand coverage of this stuff, so I have no option but to dive into this squabble. We have a scorned wife. We have a side piece, who goes to the University of Buffalo and is a Bills fan, out there livin’ it up and it’s going to drive a baby mama wife crazy. Of course it is. And then we have Jordan Poyer in the middle of it trying to manage a football career and a very public IG beefing.¬†

Look, time usually heals wounds. In this case I think we’re going to need the Bills to go on a run here up to the Halloween showdown at Ralph Wilson against the Patriots. The holidays will come up, things will settle down & Summer will move on to many more slam opportunities. You just hope cooler heads can prevail here.