Ohio Cops Looking For Ohio State Fan Who Stole Salvation Army 'Angel Tree' From Walmart

via Findlay, Ohio police
I need the Ohio State fans who stole a Salvation Army Walmart in Findlay, Ohio to step forward. Do the right thing after the ridiculous prank you pulled Saturday night after the Buckeyes beat Northwestern in the Big Ten title game. I know you were drunk and thought it would be funny to take off with the tree, but now we have a bunch of underprivileged kids who might not get the perfect little gift from Santa because of your selfish action.
I’m talking to you, Braxton Miller. Step up, take your punishment and do some good for your community.
From 13ABC:

“I don’t know why somebody would steal a crazy, little tree,” said Major Dianna Morales of the Salvation Army of Hancock County.
Early Sunday morning Findlay police say two men walked into the Tiffin Avenue Walmart and stole a Salvation Army “Angel Tree.”
“I don’t know if it was a prank or if they really needed a tree–they should have asked, but what do ya’ do?,” said Morales.
The six-foot tall tree held special tags with the names of kids in need and the gifts they hope to get on Christmas Day. Morales says many of the ornaments either went with the tree or fell off in the heist.

Now I know what the haters are going to say: “It could be a Michigan fan dressed in Ohio State gear.” I’m aware of that scam, but it normally happens in bank robberies. Remember the serial robber in Columbus? The photos have been deleted, but he was definitely a Michigan fan.
Anyway, this is 100% a Buckeye fan. Turn yourself in.

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