NSFWBDs React To RG3's Christmas Photo

via Twitter
Those of you who’ve been loyal through the years know my bucket list always included turning some piece of social media content into something that would lead to a NSFWBDs post. It’s the Holy Grail. It’s when you know you’ve made it. When the NSFWBDs feel your content is worthy enough for a full-blown NSFWBDs post, it’s resume material.
It happened last night — RG3‘s Christmas card finally gave me that street cred with the BDs that I’ve been seeking for years. They finally went wild and we’re left with one of the biggest BD moments of the year. RG3’s Christmas card is a sensation that shows no sign of slowing down. I posted the photo at 8:30 Wednesday night, things went nuts and then I hit the couch at 11:30, went to bed 15 minutes later and woke up to my phone on fire. It went all night.
The NSFWBDs can’t get enough of this one. Just dive into the comments on the original photo and see for yourself. Go ahead and put this one on the Busted wiki page if it ever exists down the road 20 years from now. I’ve never felt better about my work here.
Thanks, RG3.





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