Scumbag Michigan Fan Dressed In Ohio State Gear Accused Of 27-30 Robberies, Cops Allege

We have BREAKING NEWS to the news we brought you way back in March 2015 when a dude wearing Ohio State gear wouldn’t stop robbing banks. Turns out the guy is a Michigan fan in real life who was dressing up as a Buckeye fan. It became his robbery jersey. I just happened to come across news this week that the cops popped this guy in early November and are now reporting that¬†Ikechi W. Emeaghara robbed more banks than first thought.
From WTTE:

A man suspected of being notorious “Buckeye Bandit’ linked to 20 robberies throughout the greater Columbus area has been accused of seven more armed bank heists.
Ikechi W. Emeaghara, a 27-year-old man from Columbus, was indicted by a federal grand jury for seven bank robberies over a three-year span, a month after police said they caught him robbing another bank.

That’s right, the Scumbag Michigan Fan dressed in Ohio State gear is accused of 27 robberies (Columbus Dispatch says it could be as high as 30 robberies). And these weren’t just “give me the money” robberies. SMF would show off a gun in many of those robberies.
I did my normal searches this morning and it turns out that Ikechi is actually a Michigan fan. Not some closet Michigan fan either. Full-on, put it in your Twitter bio Michigan fan.
He was caught in early November in when cops shot him during a Key Bank robbery. One of Ikechi’s robberies netted $53,000, according to the Columbus Dispatch.
The Buckeye Bandit actually had a career in football. He played defensive back at the University of Findlay.

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