Bruce Drennan Loses It When He's Asked If Cavs Fans Should Overthrow Dan Gilbert To Get LeBron Back

Do you have SportsTime Ohio on your cable package? If so, you’ll want to catch Drennan Live, Cleveland’s favorite show for trolls, weirdos and superfans who have some of the craziest thoughts on sports you’re ever going to hear. Take Tuesday night on Live when Bruce Drennan, the legendary show host, was asked this question about overthrowing Dan Gilbert as owner of the Cavs as a way to get LeBron and possibly Bronny to some day play for the team.
I know some of you guys never watch the videos. There’s no pre-roll ad. Just watch it. This is worth 45-seconds of your life. It’s all so perfect.
I’m not going to act like this is a troll line from the Cavs fan. Cleveland people will get all mad and offended if I through out such accusations. I’m sure you can find a message board out there where the wackjobs think they can start a GoFundMe to buy the Cavs from Dan and talk LeBron into coming back. There’s always one guy and Bruce gets to deal with them.
He’s the Finebaum of NE Ohio.

Bruce is asked if it’s time to trade Kluber after a bad start:

Best of Bruce:

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