Tulsa Uber Driver Working Hard For Those 5-Star Reviews

My old friend Bunkie Perkins — and when I say old, I mean old….we grew up in this business over a decade ago…A DECADE! — ordered up and Uber this morning in Tulsa and hit the Uber JACKPOT by landing this side hustler’s car that has one of the most incredible complimentary snack selection I’ve ever seen out of an Uber. Take a second to appreciate this piece of art created by this Uber driver. Don’t take this for granted, people.
Why go out of your way to please Uber riders with complimentary snacks and suckers? It’s all about the ratings. Let’s go back to earlier this year when ride share message boards started theorizing that the app would soon start letting riders select drivers based on ratings. 

One of the recent issues that have come to light, and is currently on the executive drawing board is the idea of an incentive bonus plan to benefit good drivers. What is a good driver, a good driver is someone that is conscientious of their passengers and of their vehicle. Someone that cares for both and provides a comprehensive service.
The new scheme being discussed outlines the following concepts:
Passengers may choose drivers based on the following attributes:

  1. Drivers with higher ratings
  2. Drivers with added benefits (Video Entertainment, Mobile device chargers, etc.)
  3. Drivers with specific car types within a category
  4. Drivers with a certain number of rides under their belt

The incentive is added to those drivers when the passenger has to pay a higher premium fee for this service. This means that excellent drivers will receive more rides as well as get paid better.
The outcome of this concept?

  1. Passengers will be able to choose their driver based on personal preferences.

  2. Uber will enjoy a better name due to a better service

  3. Drivers will earn more per ride, as well as get more rides

  4. The overall service will improve as drivers start to compete for a higher standing and offering more in-ride attractions.

Add it all up and you have drivers hustling to make sure they can stay on top of the side hustle game and it totally makes sense. You slip up and the rating could take a nosedive. One minute you’re crushing the Tulsa Uber game, the next minute you might have to start taking Lyft fares. That’s the game these guys have to play.
They need you eating those crackers and using the aux cords. It doesn’t cost the Uber guy anything to provide aux service. It doesn’t cost Uber guy anything to provide you with power. It costs pennies to provide you with water to help you sober up.
Get better or get left behind, Uber drivers.
Have photos of an Uber that is off the charts loaded with snacks and power cords? Let me know.
[email protected] or @bustedcoverage in the DMs

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