Alabama Man Not Wearing Pants Falls Through A Waffle House Ceiling, Goes Nuts

Excuse me if I immediately wonder what drug Wesley Glenn Bost was on Sunday morning when he fell through the ceiling of an Alabama Waffle House. I’ve watched the video (below) a couple times and that’s the only thing I can assume caused Bost to go off TF rails as he sorta fought his way out before getting scattered and smothered by the good ol boys who were inside.

From the Times Daily:

Authorities continued to search for a Jefferson County man who police said tried to break into the office of a local restaurant Sunday morning, falling instead through the ceiling into the dining area.

Detective Sgt. Wes Holland said police are searching for a Wesley Glenn Bost, 27, Birmingham, and another man who was in the car with him when they fled from the failed attempt to break into the Waffle House on U.S. 72.

Holland said warrants against Bost will be issued today for first-degree criminal mischief and burglary.

Go ahead, start guessing what drugs caused him to do this. I’m not a drug guy, I have no idea.