Rachel Bush Celebrated Her 21st Birthday This Weekend

Welp, I guess it’s official at some point this week — Rachel Bush will finally be old enough to get into the bars on November 1. I know, it’s crazy to think that she’s gone all this time being the IG GOAT and not able to get into a bar but rules are rules. She’ll finally be able to accept your drinks at the hotel pool bar. Speaking of that, I need to slip into Rachel’s DMs and ask a few questions like, “When’s the last time you paid for a drink?”
And I don’t mean that in a freeloading way. I’d just be interested to know how things are out there on the Miami club scene with guys buying drinks. Are guys being gentlemen and picking up bar tabs for the IG legends? Might be time to do a deep dive into that question with multiple IGers.
Anyway, Rachel did some birthday celebrating this weekend. It appears she did some yachting, some partying at Liv and maybe did some driving around in a Ferrari or something like that. You know, a typical Miami birthday. Nothing too extravagant.
Now it’s Monday Night Football time via what appears to be a private jet to Buffalo to see her husband Jordan Poyer do whatever he can possibly do to prevent a horrible blowout against the Patriots.










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