I'm Hopeful This Is A Legit Sammy Sosa Instagram Account

via theofficialsammysosa/IG
I have content dreams that revolve around names like Jamarcus Russell, Vince Young, Manny Ramirez, Roger Clemens, Greg Oden, Sammy Sosa, Tommy Lasorda and Cedric Benson because these are names that used to provide so much to me here on BC. Some are still going strong — Tommy. While others — Ced Benson and Vince Young — have gone quiet after so many big years of dumping out fresh content pretty much every weekend.
Then there are guys like Jamarcus Russell that I keep tracking on pretty much a weekly basis because I’m fascinated by what he’s up to these days. I haven’t seen a fresh photo of Jamarcus in what feels like 2-3 years. There was the big comeback where he was training with Jeff Garcia, but then Jamarcus was awarded a bunch of money in a contract dispute resolution and then the trail went cold and has remained that way.
That brings me to my Holy Grail of content when it comes to my Dream Team of Content Creators. Sammy Sosa! Nobody, and I mean nobody, has created more content from my Dream Team than Sammy. That’s why I was super excited to see this new IG account that has popped up today featuring Sammy content. Part of me thinks it’s just some random guy in an apartment yanking Sammy content and posting it to build an IG account. Then part of me thinks it’s possibly a legit Sammy IG, something we’ve never been rewarded with.
I need this to be a legit Sammy account. I need it to give me daily Sosa. I need to see a legit look at that guy’s life. I’m talking breakfast IG Story updates. Maybe a couple of food pics. Sammy picking up the kids at school. Sammy driving through Chick fil A. Stuff like that. That’s real content from my Dream Team. I still remember the day I found the photos of Tommy Lasorda crushing food in Cooperstown while wearing a bib. It was one of the greatest days of my Internet career.
So I’ll start following this new Sosa account and pray it’s legit and eventually ends up with a blue checkmark.

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