LeBron's DM Girl Heidi Hoback Went As A Lakers Girl For Halloween











There are brilliant IG Halloween costumes and then there’s Heidi Hoback, also known as the red head that LeBron wanted to teach how to ball, going as a Lakers Girl for the big holiday. You probably remember way back in the fall of 2017 when Bron Bron slid into Heidi’s IG DMs and took a shot at the avid hunter, asking her to teach him how to hunt and he’d teach her how to ball.
It was one of those great moments on the Internet where you get to see how an athlete goes about his business on IG, one of the world’s greatest inventions for men where a guy like Bron Bron can go on a fishing trip and see how many bite. Of course Heidi didn’t bite (that we know of) and decided to rat on King. It wasn’t that big of a deal, just funny.
Now comes 2018 and Heidi is still having fun with the whole thing and we can all laugh along. I


Throwback to LeBron sliding into those DMs:

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Bad Boy Johnny Had Himself A Night At The Heat Game
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