Bad Boy Johnny Had Himself A Night At The Heat Game

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What a night it was in Miami for a kid who has been dubbed ‘Bad Boy Johnny’ by my podcast partner Paul Eide. Of course Paul was watching a Kings-Heat game on a Monday night in October. That’s how big of an NBA guy he is these days. He’s trying to build up his street cred amongst the NBA community by knowing what happened in such a worthless early season game.
But I’m not going to complain about Podcast Paul’s TV viewing habits too much because he caught Bad Boy Johnny middle fingering. That’s what a content soldier does. He pays attention to some obscure game and then some piece of content comes out of that game and turns into content on BC the next day. I appreciate that kind of attention to detail out of a content soldier.
Now let’s dive into this video a little deeper. I’ve had some lip readers check in on this one and there’s a belief that Bad Boy Johnny tells the camera to “suck my d*ck.” It definitely looks like those three words come out first. From there it’s up for full debate.
Paul thinks Johnny goes: “suck my d*ck you f*ckin a**hole. You like that??”
Someone on IG thinks it goes: “suck my d*ck how bout that”
Debate amongst yourselves at work today and remember to constantly be on the lookout for this kind of content. Develop a content soldier mentality. Join the BC armed forces. Send in the videos. Send in the ridiculous photos. I’m here for you guys.
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It’s been pretty good content lately for fans middle fingering in-game cameras…remember this last week from some minor league hockey game in Cincinnati?

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