Tuesday Night MACtion Returns Tonight Which Means It's NOW Officially Football Season


MACtion is back. It’s like Christmas in October.
To many sports fans, this literally means nothing. Even to some college football fans, this means nothing.
But to true blue college football fans (degenerate gamblers) this is a gift from God.
MACtion means so much more than just a football game. It is football you can bet on a Tuesday and it is not just football, it’s MACtion. If you don’t know what MACtion is then let me explain. The MAC is one of the worst conferences in Division 1 College Football. If you don’t know any teams in the MAC, just take a mid-west state and put a direction in front of it. Well, every year around halfway through the season, there are a couple MAC matchups every Tuesday night. This means you can bet and watch football on a Tuesday, but it also #JustMeansMore.
MAC schools are usually very very small schools and by this time of year, the weather is usually pretty shitty in these towns. That means you get a lot of snow games with about 400 people in the crowd. Combine that with the level of play on the field and you get some pure magic. Luckily the gods graced us with a prime example of Tuesday Night MACtion tonight. We get (1-7) Kent State going to (1-7) Bowling Green. They are currently tied for last place in the MAC East and that’s a hard thing to be. Like these teams are awful. To add to the MACstique, (that’s MAC mystique, I just made that up not to brag) Bowling Green recently fired their coach and in the interim, their head coach is Carl Pelini, brother of Bo Pelini. Having a Pelini in the mix always cranks things up a notch.
Finally, we have the location. Bowling Green, Ohio is a town of around 30,000 people. It is a small Ohio town that only cares about their football. They are going to come out in droves of TENS to support their 1-7 Falcons. This game is going to be a MACtion matchup for the ages, I can just feel it.


For those who don’t know, I write a College Football Betting Preview every weekend. If you haven’t read them before make sure to check it out this weekend. With that being said, I just wanted to give out some locks for tonight.

Kent State @ Bowling Green (-1) o/u 68

Like I said before, both of these teams are 1-7. It’s gonna be such a shitshow. Though the key to the game is the Pelini factor. There’s something about Pelini that makes me know that Bowling Green is going to take this one home. Pelinis and MACtion were just made for each other.
Where The Fuck is Bowling Green MACtion Lock of the Millenium: BGSU -1

Miami (OH) @ Buffalo (-7) o/u 53.5

This one isn’t as good because Buffalo is a legitimately good football team. They’re first place in the MAC and have some good wins outside the conference. HOWEVA, that’s what makes the MAC so great. Any team can win any given Tuesday. Miami has put up at least 30 points in their last five games. I think this game is going to be an absolute shootout. I am so juiced up for this MACtion that I’m rolling with two bets in this one.
Any Given Tuesday Locks of the Night: Miami +7, o53.5

I literally can’t contain my excitement. I FUCKING LOVE MACTION AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!! I’ve literally had a countdown clock going since the college football season “started” for the rest of the world. Well, my season starts tonight. Let’s have the time of our lives and go 3-0 on our bets. Tweet along with me @BlakeKrass if you want to join in on the fun. It’s going to be a hell of a night ladies and gents.
Let’s get rich, together.

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