Paulina Gretzky Went As An Eskimo For Halloween, No Sign Of DJ (Update: He Was In China)

Paulina Gretzky broke her Instagram silence this weekend — her first post since August 27 during the beginning stages of her beef with baby daddy Dustin Johnson — by showing off her Eskimo Halloween…minus DJ. You might remember that things got heated in September when word broke that there might be a side piece that was causing problems for Paulina and Dustin. Of course the side piece said she’s no side piece and Dustin released a statement straight from his PR team saying the couple was working out some issues.
Then things got even more interesting when there was a reported beef between Brooks Koepka and DJ after the Ryder Cup debacle and Paulina was involved in that beefing. That settled down and things have been quiet for a few weeks now. Still, no signs or IG Story updates from Paulina showing DJ being a baby daddy.
Here we are at Halloween and if I were a betting man I’d say that things have not gotten any better between these two. This has all the signs of a separation of some sort. Paulina wouldn’t be doing Halloween with friends and not show off DJ if things were better. It’s a real shame because you just had a feeling that these two would make it work. I guess if there’s any good news here it’s that we’re getting new Paulina content at all.

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