Dustin Johnson Acknowledges Trouble With His Baby Mama










Dustin Johnson has confirmed there are issues between him and baby mama Paulina Gretzky and that we all weren’t just getting all gossipy when she scrubbed her Instagram of the guy she said is “the only man in the world who can handle me.” Life comes at you quick and Paulina has changed her tune over a possible DJ side piece.
Now facing a troubling situation, DJ’s media team sent out this tweet last night to set the record straight.

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, but most importantly, we love each other very much and are committed to being a family. Thank you for your love and support.

That’s well done by the PR people as we head towards the Ryder Cup. Imagine the Euro fans with this kind of trash talk firepower. This is going to get wild.

As for this alleged side piece Yassie Safai, she claims innocence in all this. I guess the British tabloids just picked that name out of the thin air.

But now, Yassie has broken her silence … saying, “I am not in a relationship with Dustin Johnson. Nor have we had any prior relationship.”
She explained, “I met Dustin Johnson at Sherwood Country Club. I have run into him at Sherwood maybe 4 times since then and yes briefly spoke with him, like I’m sure any avid golfer and member would.”
“I am sure he is a great person but we do not have a close friendship. I have never met Paulina Gretzky and do not know the Gretzky family, but again, I am sure they are great people.”

Look, at the end of the day Paulina didn’t go nuts with the IG account for no reason. It’s like the ultimate signal to the media these days that a side piece is on the prowl. The good news here is that Paulina and DJ never got married so this is just a simple ‘your ass can sleep on the couch’ move here. And maybe she told him to stay in Jupiter while she jetted off to L.A. to be with her family.
Guys being guys.

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