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I received a message today after blogging about Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka beefing at a post-Ryder Cup party that there was a weird call back in 2017 to a D.C. sports radio station where a caller claimed there’s some (alleged) history between Paulina Gretzky and Brooks Koepka. The call was played off by some that day as a prank, but here we are in 2018 with a legitimate story about DJ and Mr. U.S. Open having a beef and Paulina was a “central figure” in the beef, according to Golf Digest.
Um, I’m officially locked into this drama. This one has all the parts. The big names. The rumors. A+ content.
Posted on MyGolfSpy.com April 25, 2017:

I’m driving to work this morning listening to DC101’s morning show (Elliot in the morning) when a guy claiming to be Jonas Blixt’s part time caddie calls in.  He said that the real reason DJ missed the Masters has nothing to do with a back injury but rather because DJ found out that Paulina has been having an affair with Brooks Koepka.  The back injury story was fabricated because DJ wasn’t mentally/emotionally able to go out and compete.  The caller also said that the people on tour doubt whether Paulina’s current pregnancy is actually DJ’s.
I was pretty shocked that a guy would randomly call in and make this kind of statement.  I should point out that the caller didn’t offer any kind of proof he was legit.  Anyone else hear something like this before.

And now the drama from Sunday after the Ryder Cup:

James Corrigan of the Telegraph was the first to report the story on Johnson and Koepka, who are considered friends and workout partners. They were at a party with the European Ryder Cup team when the incident occurred. Corrigan said witnesses were “clearly shocked and upset by the nastiness, which was very threatening.” The duo played together in Saturday afternoon foursomes, losing to Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson. The Golf Channel and the Guardian posted similar allegations to Corrigan’s initial report.

Specifically what happened to cause Johnson and Koepka to be separated is unclear. A source told Golf Digest that Paulina Gretzky, Johnson’s fiancee, was a central figure in the incident. Koepka’s girlfriend, Jena Sims, was also involved.

And more details from The Sun:

But they ended up being pulled apart after a massive row which was all the more shocking given world No 1 Johnson and Koepka, who won two of this year’s four Majors, are so close off the course.
They work out together at a Florida gym and their similar big-hitting styles have seen them dubbed the “Bash Brothers”.
No one could have imagined how appropriate that would turn out to be!

The working theory is that it was Jonas Blixt’s caddie who made the call back in 2017. I don’t know how that fits into the narrative, but that’s what I’m told. Maybe one of you knows how this all fits together. Someone help me from here. Just seems weird that a caddie would pick this story out of thin air. And it’s also weird the call would go into a D.C. sports talk station.
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Paulina Gretzky Was 'Central Figure' In Dustin Johnson-Brooks Koepka Beef
Paulina Gretzky Was 'Central Figure' In Dustin Johnson-Brooks Koepka Beef
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