Browns Fan Unloading Tailgating Bus Now That Team is 2-2-1

It has finally happened for those who’ve been holding on to Browns tailgating rides — they’re finally looking at making some money after all these years of trying to unload their tailgating rides. The good days are finally here for these people who’ve been looking to get out of the game. 2-2-1 has never looked better than it does right now and you have a rush to sell. One would think now is the time to hold on and enjoy the ride that’s just starting.
However, if you can turn a profit here and upgrade your tailgating ride fo the playoffs, you have to pull the trigger. Take this Browns short bus for $5,500 on Craigslist. That thing is a $3,000 bus. Max. That said, you’ll have some Browns fan jump in the $5,000 range because he’s being emotional with his money and needs a tailgating ride for the playoff push.
From the Craigslist listing:

10 Passenger Omnibus
39,000 miles, engine runs great, New PA inspection, tires like new, NO AC, body in fair condition and has handicap ramp.

I guess now is the time to get your fellow Browns buddies together and buy shares in a tailgating bus. Even though prices are inflated, they’re not nearly what they’ll be in December when Baker Mayfield has this team on the brink. Think about that 12/23 game at home against the Bengals. Playoffs. Christmas. Snow. It’s going to be wild and you don’t want to be caught without a ride.
Go ahead, overpay.

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