Browns Fan Dumping His Tailgating Bus With Cracked Head

Are you handy with cracked heads? Browns fan is dumping his tailgating bus in need of a new head and will let this bus go right now for $1,500. Now, I’m not a big cracked head guy, but I can use Google and I found that prices can range anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. However, this is Cleveland we’re talking about and one of you has an inside deal on a head gasket. I guarantee it.
From :

Browns bus – selling as is. Cracked head gasket. Updated carpeting. Brake line replaced last year. Great for tailgating!

Let’s get a more detailed story on what’s going on with a cracked head:

“That stuff blowing out of your tailpipe isn’t just water. It’s antifreeze.”

Cost: $1,000 to $4,000

The lowdown: There are a few places you should never see antifreeze: falling from the sky, in your cereal bowl or coming out your tailpipe. The engine’s cooling system is a closed system, meaning that the coolant circulates from the engine’s cooling passages to the radiator, the heater core and back again. It should never leave that loop. If it’s somehow getting into the oil passages or the cylinders (and, from there, out the tailpipe) something has gone terribly wrong. Your head gasket has cracked, your head itself has cracked or, worst of all, your block has cracked. These problems are often the result of overheating.

I’m telling you right now to come in with a $750 cash in hand offer to this guy. Put the pressure on him here. Does he take the money and start buying playoff tickets or does he sit on the $1,500 price and hope a sucker comes along before the Browns fall out of playoff contention. He’ll break at $750. I promise.
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