Paulina Gretzky Breaks Her Silence With Cryptic Instagram Story & Lyrics

Oh yeah, here we go again with Paulina Gretzky sending what we can assume is a shot at Dustin Johnson – again – in this ongoing war over whether DJ officially had a side piece. Paulina has been quiet since Dustin issued his ‘we’re working through some things’ PR tweet. Her IG still doesn’t include pics of her baby daddy. We’re looking at like two weeks or so of war between these two and it’s to the song lyrics stage.
By the way, the photo with Tiger is still up as the FedEx Cup heads to the Tour Championship in Atlanta. Dustin Johnson is paired with Tony Finau at 1:50 in the next to last group. Bryson DeChambeau and Justin Rose will be your final group.
The stakes are high this weekend and Paulina clearly wants DJ to know she’s still pissed. Let’s see if the pressure from his baby mama makes him snap or is the power of the side piece enough to carry him to this title.
Next week it’s the Ryder Cup.
I’d Be Jealous Too lyrics:
I’d be jealous too, if she was with you
I’d be out of my mind, watching her move
If I was just a guy with across the room view
I’d be jealous too, if she was with you, with you
[Verse 1]
She laughs like she just broke into a hotel pool
She loves deserts and the sunsets out in Malibu
If you felt the way it feels the way she looks at you
I’d be jealous too, I’d be jealous too
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