Mary Kay Confirms It….Baker Mayfield Shaves Beard

ICYMI: #Browns Baker Mayfield is honored to receive high praise from Drew Brees, whom he tells clevelanddotcom he's patterned some of his game after. (As an aside, Mayfield has shaved off the beard. 'Got tired of it')

— Mary Kay Cabot (@MaryKayCabot) September 13, 2018

Here we goooooooooo…Baker Mayfield news is officially cranking up thanks to Drew Brees, Mayfield’s shaving habits and Sam Darnold having a huge game against a Lions team that was clearly still on summer vacation. It doesn’t help that Josh Allen is starting this week against the Chargers. It also doesn’t help that Hue Jackson is another week closer to the end of his head coaching career.

Think about where the Browns are at after Week 1. Ty God was given like 20 chances to beat the Steelers and couldn’t make it happen. He had a very Ty God game and yet Hugh is now 1-31-1. At what point does Hugh go IDGAF and play Mayfield? Is he under such strict orders from John Dorsey that he actually has zero control on game day? Or is Mayfield sending a signal this week that he was told to be ready to go this week and that triggered a beard shaving? Splitting time at QB this week? Cleveland fans would lose their minds.

Or was this a call from the girlfriend. You guys know how the ladies can either be super pro-beard or shave it off or you’re not coming near me. That’s actually a great radio show topic for a slow day after the Super Bowl.

Baker shaving off the beard….no big deal? WRONG. It was a message, he means business, Mayfield never had a beard at Oklahoma, hes getting game ready #Browns

— AdamJB26 (@BrownsObsession) September 13, 2018

Look, this whole Mayfield thing is going to boil over if the Browns lose this week (highly likely) and the Jets come in on Thursday night at 2-0 — pending Sunday’s game against the Dolphins. Browns fans will go nuts. No offense to Ty God, but this is about the next 10 years.

And how would Cleveland handle Sam Darnold coming in and beating them to go 3-0? Kinda hope it happens just to send them over the edge.

Notice the caption…is it Sunday yet? Is that a sign? Is it all happening?

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Is it Sunday yet? #DawgPound #6

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