Love The Effort, But You Sir Are No #BillsMafia

I figured there would be a video to come out of Sunday’s Bills-Ravens game that made the rounds. I didn’t expect it to be a piece of art thanks to Ravens fan trying to be #BillsMafia by jumping through a table. It just didn’t go well for Ravens fan, but that’s because he clearly didn’t understand the physics of how to smash a folding table.
He didn’t understand that your feet will only go through the really cheap folding tables. That’s a drunken mistake that Bills fan doesn’t make. Ravens fan didn’t understand that he’d need to go in asss first to make that table snap.
Now for the good news: Buffalo is home Sunday for the Chargers and the weather is supposed to be tremendous. Look at these conditions at noon, prime table smashing time for the Mafia. It’s going to be wild. Ravens fans should stop by BC to see how it’s done by pros. Take notes, people.


It’s OK to think you’re #BillsMafia, but you’re no #BillsMafia…these people live this lifestyle on a daily basis…you pretend on weekends:

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