Dez Bryant Has A Burner Account?

Dez Bryant going full burner account. Hate to see it.

— El Dutch (@eldutchsnyds) September 11, 2018

Kevin Durant is a long time fan of using a burner Twitter account so it shouldn’t come as some big surprise that Dez Bryant would have a burner account and forget to switch to that account for a simple retweet in a thread where Dez responds to Screamin’ A.

If you’re going to drive home the narrative, it seems like you need to open up several accounts these days. Have one for every occasion. Have one for the side pieces. Have one to make you look good to fans. Have one where you can argue with fans without showing your real account.

However, it takes great skill to keep switching back and forth and you’re going to slip up as Dez did here. Tragic mistake that Durant has found out multiple times. Those of you thinking that these guys seem shallow for having burner accounts obviously have never been in their shoes: millions of dollars in the bank, huge egos, unwilling to let go of things and in Dez’s position he needs a job.

Look where Dez was last night:

Dez and Jerry at Beyoncé and Jay Z last night! Crazy!
Brad Crouch (@brad26871) September 12, 2018

Dez Bryant forgot to log into his burner lol

— Corky Corcoran (@ScoreyWebster) September 11, 2018