Lions Fans Are Fighting & Meijer Is Clearing Out Lions Novelty Items…It’s Getting Ugly!

And @meijer gives up on the @Lions after just one lousy game.#ClearanceSale #ComeOnMan #NYJvsDET #MondayNightFootball #OnePride #DetroitLions

— Steve Patterson (@stevpatt) September 11, 2018

All it took was an implosion from Matthew Stafford, Matt Patricia & the Lions for the wheels to come off on opening night in Detroit when the team was supposed to beat up (-7) the Jets and get prepared for a short week and a long trip to San Francisco and then back home for Sunday Night Football against Hoodie. Now here we are with Michigan superstore Meijer discounting novelty items and fans fighting each other.

It was all supposed to change under Patricia. He was going to bring his pencil in and do what Jim Caldwell couldn’t do. Well, I’ve watched the Lions a few times over the last 20+ years and not much has changed. The team even went as far as to replace radio guy Jim Brandstatter with Lomas Brown. That was yet another change to mix it up. Guess how bad Lomas Brown was during last night’s pregame show? It was bad.

Nothing can be worse than the Lions? Listen to Lomas Brown call a game on the radio 🤢

— TheDLine™ (@TheDetroitLine) September 11, 2018

So whats worse Beth Mowins on tv or lomas brown on the radio!!!!

— William ][v][orris (@4scooter4) September 11, 2018

I've been listening to the #Lions on the radio for literally 3 minutes & I already hate Lomas Brown. Whoever got rid of Jim Brandstatter should be fired.

— Anthony (@76ripper) September 11, 2018


WEAK postgame interview by Lomas Brown. I know I'm biased as a Brandy guy, but there were more softballs tossed than my beer league Tony M's team saw tonight.

— Ryan Schuiling (@RyanSchuiling) September 11, 2018

I caught Lomas interview a member of the offensive line and it sounded like Graham Glasgow. It WAS HORRIBLE. I almost felt bad the guy had to sit through some of the questions.

And then video starts surfacing of Lions fans fighting each other and it’s as if these two decided to have a slow motion brawl in the lower bowl. The wheels are still off on this franchise whether they hire backwards hat guy or not. They should’ve just kept Caldwell and saved Patricia the call to beg Hoodie for his job back.

You hate to see Lions fans losing their minds so early in the season…just kidding, I LOVE IT

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 11, 2018