16 NSFWBDs Analyze Marshawn Lynch’s MNF Performance

Marshawn Lynch was pushed, dragged and willed his way into the end zone giving the Raiders a 7-0 lead and a feeling that just maybe the Raiders wouldn’t be a mess this year after Gruden sent Khalil Mack packing to Chicago. And then the Rams scored, took control of the game and exposed the Raiders as being majorly flawed and headed for a 5-6 win season.

But hey, at least they’ll have Marshawn and we all know that with Marshawn comes some sort of story even if he won’t talk to the media. Last night it was the Marshawn high school photo that ESPN ran during the game. Instant reaction from the NSFWBDs. That screenshot went viral. There was no stopping it.

He ended up with 41 yards on 11 carries but stole the show when there really wasn’t anything else to talk about for the Raiders.