Meet Erza Haliti – Nick Vannett’s Girlfriend

Seahawks tight end Nick Vannett’s girlfriend, Erza Haliti, has a chance to be a 2018 NFL Girlfriend Breakout Star of the Year if things go her way in this category. There are a couple things that have to happen to win this prestigious award: Nick needs to have a big year in big games — didn’t have a very fast start Sunday in Denver…1 catch, 11 yards — and Erza will need to show up on a TV camera during a big game.

There are a few big primetime games coming up for Nick and Erza. There’s one in Chicago and a primetimer in November against the Packers. The problem is that Danica Patrick doesn’t have anything going on and she’ll be in Seattle for that one. This might mean that Erza, former Miss Idaho World and Miss Idaho USA, has her work cutout for her this fall. She needs Nick to have some amazing game and keep the IG humming along. Maybe bust out some sort of Seahawks pageant gown. Something to bust through in a busy social media world.

This is when you see what a NFL relationship is made out of. Do you want the spoils that come with the 2018 NFL Girlfriend Breakout Star of the Year or are you just going to be an ordinary IG girlfriend?