NFL Roundup Week 1: Dolphins Fan Puking, Browns Grandma Pounds Dong Bong & Saints Grandma Shakes It

What an opening Sunday it was, but it wasn’t one of the great weekends for content off the field because the rain played a big part in the storyline which meant people were less likely to be brawling in the stands and getting stupid drunk. They were busy staying warm, dry and out of prison. Of course Cleveland fans dominated the day. I call it Contentland for a reason.

We’re starting to run out of great cities for content. New England is boring; Minnesota is still expensive which keeps away the riff raff, if there is any in Minneapolis; Green Bay is Green Bay…safe like your suburban neighborhood. Miami is a wild card city for games. The weather delays and heat kept things reserved. We might end up with something out of there by the end of the day that I missed. Emotions were slightly high in that stadium by the end of the day.

#BillsMafia didn’t bother showing up like their team. Denver was quiet because it was a boring Seattle fanbase in town; I didn’t even bother checking in with Arizona; The Chargers don’t have any fans willing to go hard; Indianapolis fans never go hard; Giants fans were busy staying dry; and Panthers fans were battling the weather with Cowboys fans.

Add it all up and we’re lucky to get the content we have this morning. Enjoy it.

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78 yr old Browns mom out her pounding a Dong Bong

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 9, 2018

Hated to see all the rain in Cleveland where it would’ve been an A+ rager if it wasn’t for a tropical storm coming in and dropping six inches of rain or whatever the final total was. That game had it all. Big Ben trying to give the Browns multiple chances to complete the comeback and win it all. The Browns doing Browns things — why didn’t Jabrill return that punt in OT to get all the yards he could?

You really couldn’t have asked for more out of a tie in the NFL. Would’ve loved that one to go four OTs or so.

@bustedcoverage rain don’t keep big sumbitch away

— Ryan Oren (@Ryan_Oren525) September 9, 2018

It's the little things @bustedcoverage

— Paul Eide (@EidePaul) September 10, 2018


— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 9, 2018

I spent some time in the Muni Lot before @Browns kickoff. Y'all crazy. #HumansOfTheMuniLot

— Emanuel Wallace (@MannyWallace) September 9, 2018


Absolutely pathetic blindside and KO of our old friend Taylor Lewan. The other big news in this one is that it took like 30 hours to complete. Mother Nature started the season 1-0-0.

My new favorite 69 jersey (from mrmarlon)

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 9, 2018

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When the NFL IS BACK in NOLA

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The Broncos did take one L this week – see below. In the actual game, the Broncos held Chris Carson to 51 yards and picked off two Russ Wilson passes.Β  Meanwhile, Case Keenum came out with a suck-my-dicc kind of game and dropped 329, 3 TDs & 3 picks for the Broncos. Is this guy the new Jay Cutler? Don’t care, go deep.


— Jay πŸ‘‘ (@CanesinceDay1) September 8, 2018





My Bengals didn't screw up at the end for once!

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 9, 2018


Another contender for 69 jersey of the year (flyingdogbrewery/IG)

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 9, 2018