Oklahoma Man Indicted On Murder For Hire Plot But Is Clearly Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Joseph “Joe Exotic” Maldonado-Passage is in big trouble, according to media tweets out of Oklahoma where the feds say he’s now indicted on a murder for hire plot that was supposed to include a Florida angle. Of course it did. This one is full of wild details so I’ll provide bullet points to make it a little easier to understand. Turns out that Joe Exotic used to run — I know this will be a shock — an exotic animal park. And he was a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate this year.

• First, let’s look at the charge against Joe Exotic:

Ok, so we’re talking $3,000 for the hitman/woman to travel to Florida to do the deed. Seems low, but what would I know about murder for hire plots? I’d love to talk to FBI guys about the range they see in murder for hire plots. I imagine it’s hard to put a number on what it’s worth to people looking to have one of these pulled off.
• Let’s dig into more details:

Joe Exotic was being a jagoff on Facebook? I’m shocked to hear such a charge. Where would the fuzz even come up with something like that?

• How many years would Joe Exotic go to jail for if the feds prove these explosive charges?


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