YES Network Goes Double Box As A's Fan Was Casually Hitting A J

If you’re the YES Network, what do you show in the top of the 9th with the Yankees down 8-2 to the A’s and it’s 1:08 A.M. or so on the east coast? Of course you go double box and show A’s fan casually hitting a J in the stands. It’s nbd. California. If you’re not used to seeing people hitting the Js by now you’re clueless about how Cali is rolling these days.
It’s actually nice to see people taking advantage of the California weed laws. Chill TF out, just sit back and see if the A’s can close down a potent Yankees offense. I’m not a big J smoker, but it’s actually a great thing for some of these teams if they have a J-smoking section. I’m thinking the far reaches of the upper deck. You just have all the J smokers congregating in one spot. Weed smoke looking like a forest fire at the upper reaches.
Of course the J smokers would try to hit it in other spots inside the stadium. That’s when you have to make it clear to them that there’s a designated J zone where they’ll be able to eat fries and pizza with other J smokers. Their own little zone where they can laugh at each other for no reason and just sit there baked.
Remember when the teams had the all-you-can-eat sections? The A’s should have an all-you-can-smoke zone. One price & it’s all the weed you can consume over 7 innings. You have to hit your last J before the 7th inning stretch. One J limit at the start of the 7th. Ticket sales would soar. Want food with the all-you-can-smoke ticket? That’s an upcharge. I go to Doritos and tell them it’s time to make a deal. $5 for those little personal bags. You’ll get at least $25 out of the J smokers on that deal.
From’s California smoking guidelines:

DON’T – Smoke pot in public. Using cannabis in public – including sidewalks, parks, restaurants, and beaches – is still illegal throughout the state, and offenders can be fined $100. If you are smoking pot in a place where cigarette smoking is also illegal, you can be fined up to $250. If you’re a tourist, remember that many hotels also prohibit smoking up.

It’s Oakland. These rules clearly don’t apply.

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