LFL Middle Linebacker Pukes, Rallies & Nearly Makes Tackle

At this point the LFL knows exactly what to send us. Whether it’s the game MVP not able to chug a beer, or the Chicago coach going TF OFF on a profane tirade directed at an opposing player or this player from the Los Angeles Temptation puking before a play, the LFL usually hits us right in the sweet spot for content. And this is a content game so let’s get to the puking.
From the LFL media department:

Los Angeles Temptation middle linebacker Meghan Hanson proves why the LFL is being called ‘Throwback Football’.
In the Western Conference Championship, Hanson vomits one-second before the snap of the ball in nearly still makes the tackle. At end of play, she nearly vomits again, this time on head referee Tom Hugg.

Now you’re going to tell me that McNabb did this in the Super Bowl. Do you have evidence because there have been studies done to make sure that happened and this guy says it’s an urban legend.
However, Donovan did puke in a hot game once. See below

Of course you remember when McNabb puked in the heat. That’s an old favorite:

Peyton Manning Meets With Methy-Looking Indianapolis Man
Peyton Manning Meets With Methy-Looking Indianapolis Man
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