LFL Coach Keith Hac Is Back & F-Bombing Opposing Player & Calling Her The B-Word

Those of you who’ve been around over the years know that we’re big fans of LFL Chicago Bliss head coach Keith Hac because he usually turns in 1-2 viral videos each season that’s full of f-bombs, but the tirade is usually at halftime and directed at his own players.

Now Keith is going after opposing players as you see in the above video where Hac goes off the rails on an Omaha player. The league doesn’t seem to care. I didn’t get an email saying Hac was find for his tirade. Looks like this is just football being football and if you’re not strong enough to take it, you shouldn’t put on the sports bra.

From the LFL marketing department:

Chicago Bliss head coach Keith Hac goes after Omaha Heart defensive end Shawna ‘Mamicita’ Wagner after Wagner takes a cheapshot at one of his players.

Look, if your nickname is Mamicita, I feel like you’ve heard worse. As for Keith, it’s hard to believe that he’s been at this LFL thing for 9 1/2 years. That’s what it says on his Linkedin page. Just fascinating to think the LFL has survived that long, even through horrible economic times in the U.S.

Let’s go back to 2015 and one of Keith’s classics:

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