Peyton Manning Meets With Methy-Looking Indianapolis Man

I’m starting to think Andrew Luck is single or something. I know he had a girlfriend going way back, but this has entered the ‘IDGAF’ stage where the gunslinger just lets himself go to a level where he’ll end up on some Dr. Phil show and get a makeover to look less like a meth’d out West Virginia hillbilly and more like a respectable NFL QB. It was just 9 days ago when he was on ESPN looking like a college weed dealer who was starting to get deep into more dangerous drugs.
Then, last night, he meets with Peyton Manning — looking like he’s about to sell you a sofa at a no-name place out by the highway — looking even worse. How Andy hasn’t looked in the mirror and figured out that he’s looking horrible is beyond my comprehension. The guy turns 29 on September 12 and here he is looking like Clay Travis after a Super Bowl bender. It’s not good.
No tie, unbuttoned jacket, the hair is a total mess, the beard is the beard. Bro, it’s time to clean it up. I mean, this is great for clicks and stuff like that, but you have to start respecting yourself a little better and that’s coming from a blogger who sits in shorts and Costco polos on a daily basis.

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