Buy This Nebraska Cornhuskers Tailgate Bus — $2,500

via Craigslist
The hype for the beginning of college football season is out of control, and one Nebraska fan is hoping to take advantage of it by finding a buyer for his Cornhuskers tailgate bus.
Perfect timing, really, considering everyone in the state is ready to get the Scott Frost coaching era going. The current owner of the bus says he’s had it for 10 years and has only used it for 10,000 miles, but there are some issues — new muffler, jacked up A/C, faded exterior wrap. $2,500 and it’s yours to fix up.
via Craigslist
From the ad:

For Sale Husker Tailgate Bus. Have owned it for the last 10 years and only put about 10K miles on it in that time. It still runs well but does need some things fixed up. Side doors open up to a build in cabinet for TV brackets and inside is shelves / bar. Outside wrap is faded and would need to be redone but not a lot of rust.
* New Transmission 5 years ago with less than 5K miles on it
* New Tires 3 years ago and still in great shape
* Battery harness / wiring needs to be fixed
* Muffler needs to be replaced
* A/C does not work as there is a small leak in hose. Works with Freon fill for a few weeks
* Heater works great

*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.
via Craigslist

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