Giancarlo Stanton Hits A Ball Off The Right Field Wall, Blind Ump Rules It A Home Run

During the eighth inning of today’s Rays-Yankees game, Giancarlo Stanton, who has been hot for like the past four months, hit a laser off the right field wall for extra bases and an RBI. A normal occurrence that typically wouldn’t call for a blog, but shit got weird when an ump showcased the human element by ruling that ball a home run:
Not. Even. Close.

After a replay review the umpires concluded that was not a home run. Shocker! To make things more problematic, Stanton was then sent to second base instead of third, which is where he would have been if play weren’t suspended by a braindead call. This concludes yet another blog about terrible umpiring — basically we need the robot umps everywhere.

Don’t show that clip to Ben Zobrist:

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