Phil Cuzzi Triggered By Ben Zobrist’s Robot Umpire Diss

via MLB

Unlike a lot of people, I am not surprised the MLB is still allowing umpires to ruin games with insane strike zones that fluctuate from game to game. We may have fancy statcast metrics and all that jazz, but major changes take time… and baseball is also run by someone who might not actually like baseball so what do we really expect?

That being said, Cubs star utility man Ben Zobrist is over it. He’s 37 years old now, he doesn’t have much time left in The Show, and he doesn’t want morons behind the plate calling pitches outside the zone. The man has a .393 on-base percentage this season, he knows what is and isn’t a strike.

Zobrist gave home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi a piece of his mind multiple times during Tuesday’s blowout loss to the Brewers. He was annoyed in the sixth inning after looking at “strike three,” and later earned his ejection in the ninth:

Here's the called third strike against Zobrist that led to words with plate ump Phil Cuzzi and Joe Maddon's ejection.

— Adam McCalvy (@AdamMcCalvy) August 14, 2018

Zobrist clarified postgame that he was ejected for telling Cuzzi robots can do his job better than him — pretty much the worst thing you could say to an ump that doesn’t involve a slew of F-bombs:

#Cubs Ben Zobrist was ejected for the first time in his career. He said umpire Phil Cuzzi did not want to have a conversation with him about going back to make an adjustment after missing a call in a previous AB.

So Ben said this to get tossed:#RobotUmps @WGNNews

— Josh Frydman (@Josh_Frydman) August 14, 2018

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