VIDEO: Jose Urena Plunks Ronald Acuna With First Pitch, Avoids Giving Up Leadoff HR

via Fox Sports Braves/ Twitter
I don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up, but we might see a legit brawl during tonight’s Marlins-Braves game.
All people wanted to see heading into this game is rookie sensation Ronald Acuna swat more homers, and possibly extend his lead-off home run streak to four games. But dreams of the latter ended quickly after Jose Urena drilled Acuna with a 97 mph fastball with his first pitch:

That, of course, brought the Braves out to confront Urena over the bush-league move. He would eventually get tossed after an umpires’ meeting:

For what it’s worth, Urena is tied for fifth-most hit batters in the MLB so he does have a history of beaning guys. That being said, hitting someone who has 8 home runs in his last eight games with your first pitch looks bad, to say the least.
The good news for Acuna is his home run streak remains alive:

We will update this post if blood is shed during the contest.

Update: Acuna was forced to leave the game after the first inning.

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