Let's Check In With White Sammy Sosa Wearing Quite A Bit Of White


Not much gets me excited on here like fresh white hot content from Slammin’ Sammy Sosa and it’s our lucky Monday because the guy who claimed he couldn’t speak English after years of speaking English to the Chicago media seemed to throw a party at his house over the weekend. Now I’m not some Spanish speaking expert like you guys, but from what I can see in these captions, it appears this is a party at Slammin’s house.
It doesn’t appear to be a special party, but that’s not what matters on the Internet. What we care about is fresh hot white content that we can riff off of for a day or two. The last time we caught up with Sam he was addressing his whiteness back in June.

Junior also doesn’t discuss with his dad the things people say online. Sosa’s appearance has changed, the result of a skin cream that he years ago began applying daily. “It doesn’t affect him, but I’m sure he feels a certain way,” Junior says. “Like, ‘Man, I gave so many years and so much hard work for you guys, and now you want to undermine all that because of some decisions I’m making—some personal decisions that don’t affect you at all?’”

Sam’s right, his whiteness doesn’t affect us at all, but it’s still fascinating to see how white he’s living after being so black all those years. People will forever be fascinated by it, especially the NSFWBDs. They bring up Slammin’ all the time as a punchline and for some reason I usually laugh because that’s what people used to do about things like this before people got all offended over everything.
Long live White Sammy Sosa jokes.


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