Bill Belichick's Halftime Interviews Are In Mid-Season Form

It’s good to see that Hoodie doesn’t need the preseason to get back in the swing of things with his mid-game interviews. He’s been doing this for so long that he could give an angry sideline interview in his sleep at this point. This was just all around vintage Belichick. One half into the pre-season and he’s already shitting all over his team. A team that’s coming off what feels like their 10th straight Super Bowl, mind you. 29 minutes of sloppy football mixed with about 38 seconds of good football, and we have Bill looking and sounding like he’s ready to cut everyone’s ass out there. Meanwhile, we all know in about six months that this squad will probably be trotting out onto the field in Atlanta.
It’s like a switch goes off when it’s time to play some football – real games or not. Joe pointed out earlier this week that Bill has been looking surprisingly happy heading into this season. Not often do we see him looking this happy in August. He’s going to Red Sox games, he’s wearing flip flops in Canton, but of course, when the lights come on and it’s time to talk about what happened on the field, we still get the same old grumpy coach we all know and love.

Hoodie is all the way back into football mode. Here’s some evidence, if you need it: he’s already breaking out the challenge flag and calling bullshit on preseason missed calls.

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VIDEO: Baker Mayfield Throws First NFL Touchdown Pass
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