Bill Belichick Put On A Fashion Show This Weekend
Just when you figured Bill Belichick would be locked in with training camp, breaking down film from 12 years ago to find Andy Reid tendencies that he can use against the Hawaiian Punch Guy during an October 14 game, Hoodie goes and wears flip flops to the Randy Moss enshrinement speech and then shows up at Sunday Night Football looking like George Herbert Walker Bush with that hat riding high.
And Belichick is still smiling. I just can’t get over this. We’re talking about August 4 & 5 and he’s smiling like it’s still vacation SZN in Nantucket. Like he’s about to go boating on VI Rings or whatever he’s calling his boat these days. I’m just afraid we are seeing the final days of Hoodie as the Evil Genius. Something tells me that he’s at the end of the road, in total f-it mode and is just waiting for Tommy to call it a career before he also rides off into the sunset.
What’s weird is that Hoodie isn’t holed up in a bunker with his hoodie up, looking through Canadian Football film to find some unknown white guy who can help this team in December when the Vikings come to town. By the way, have you looked at the Patriots schedule? Of course they get the six games against the garbage AFC East and the Chiefs, Packers, Vikings at home. Even with Hoodie taking time away from training camp, I still see at least 13 wins.

I mean, just look at this smile. Incredibly weird to see it this time of year & not in the company of his girlfriend:

Visiting with ARod during training camp…I just don’t know this man right now:

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