A 17-Year-Old Girl Was Arrested In The Scott Frost Burglary Case


So it turns out Nebraska head coach Scott Frost didn’t lose all his championship rings — 14, to be specific — in a burglary that took place at his house in July. The Associated Press reported this week Frost found the rings in his garage, which means his lost items are down to exclusive Jordans, art, and helmets:

Lincoln Police Capt. Todd Kocian said Monday night that Frost found all of his championship rings, the gaming console and one Central Florida football helmet.
Still missing were the shoes, five other football helmets and photographs.

Further progress in the case was made as the Lincoln Journal Star’s Riley Johnson tweets a 17-year-old girl was arrested for being in possession of a pair of Oregon Duck Js:

Authorities are making the wise decision to withhold information while they continue to track down the scumbags:

Despite locating the rings, the missing memorabilia out there is estimated to be worth around $50,000. A fat number for sure, but much more palatable than the original $165,000 figure.

The intruder(s) gained entrance into Frost’s home, which is currently being renovated, through an unlocked garage.
Pro tip to the thieves: Hitting eBay and Craigslist to fence that stuff probably isn’t the wise move right now.

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