It Appears Madden 19 Forgot That The Chargers Play In Los Angeles Now

I always love Madden release week when the internet exposes all of EA’s bugs that they’ve yet to sort out from their rehashed version last year’s game. We all know that Madden is basically a yearly roster update at this point with some “new features” that required as little effort as possible to implement so they can keep that cash train coming from all of us Madden addicts who’ll buy the new game no matter what.
It appears they’ve put such minimal effort into improving this year’s game that they totally skipped out on updating the announcer’s prerecorded blurb about the Chargers still playing in San Diego, even though this will be their second year in LA.
After Mr. Cook caught this mistake in the video above, EA responded that they’ll fix it in the next roster update on August 20th. Better get Brandon Gaudin back in the booth.

And that’s not all! Madden glitch season is upon us. How about this TD run by Le’Veon Bell?

Madden glitches: a tradition unlike any other.

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