Joey Gallo Hit A Preposterous Home Run Against the Mariners

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Nothing in baseball grinds my gears more than the juiced baseball. People can bitch about infield shifts and the inability of players to make consistent contact all they want, it’s the juiced ball that ruins the game for me, personally. It cheapens the home run stat and encourages players to adjust their approaches to hit more fly balls, and as a result, more home runs.

Honestly. Am I supposed to believe this home run Joey Gallo hit against the Mariners Wednesday, one of two he hit, would have gone deep five years ago? This ball is up and in, yet Gallo is still able to launch it beyond the outfield wall in right field:

Joey Gallo hardly hit this ball…

…still went out

— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) August 8, 2018

If that pitch was a little bit higher it would have hit Gallo in the elbow, instead it’s his 31st home run of the season:

Gallo hit a home run on a pitch that was *HERE*

— Levi Weaver (@ThreeTwoEephus) August 8, 2018

The MLB admitted in May something was up with the baseballs that helped “partially” fuel the home run surge in recent seasons. They could probably go back to the way baseballs were produced pre-launch angle era, but we all know that isn’t happening because people love the dingers.

I’m going to die on this hill with Pete Rose: